Seva - a state of being

There is something beyond what a man can perceive, there is something beyond what a mind can understand. It is the One beyond that we have to submit ourselves to. If we are really happy with the way we are, if we don’t see any scope of improvement in us, absolutely fine. We can be the way we want to be. But the point here is: what are we designed for? And how dedicated are we to achieve the grand design that we are an integral part of, which will help us accentuate our perception. There seems to be an energy that pervades every thought. If we merge ourselves into that all-pervading energy, that Infinite Consciousness, all our worldly affairs will be taken care of. But are we willing to do so? Are we really willing to let go of everything that does not work for us, that does not work for our self-growth? That’s the big question.


Service in the areas of Education

Sadafal Education has been established with a core focus on developing individuals through a range of Vocational Skill Development and Life Skills programs.

  • Youth Career Pathways
  • Sadafal Shishu Mandir
  • Mata Mukti Devi Women Empowerment Centre

Rural Development Initiatives

We focus on successful execution of multiple social and community-based initiatives across the globe – Health Awareness & Hygiene, Addiction treatment, Women Empowerment, and Agriculture & Livelihood – whilst keeping the goal of Vihangam Yoga in mind–the goal of World Peace and Happiness.


Clean and Green Environment

Nametree is a unique initiative that encourages simple ways to get close to Mother Nature and connect with her deeply without having to travel to exotic locations. Nametree is not merely about planting trees, it is about Mission Green to contribute to a cleaner and greener world.

Social Volunteering

Meaningful Journeys constructs every volunteer program with purpose and focus. Our philosophy is grounded in the underlying belief that the most meaningful hands-on experience is born out of an intimate connection to a grassroots project, local people and culture of a country. We offer a complete experience of cultural immersion, volunteering, internship services and travel assistance.


Gau Seva

Gau Mata is considered as the Universal Mother. At Abhyas School of Yoga, we also take care of Gau Mata as it benefits the yoga practitioners in their yogic journey. Cow's milk & other sattvic cow products are highly nutritious and useful in keeping the yoga practitioner’s body fit; serving the Gau mata also gives immense positive energy to the yoga practitioner for the entire day.

Gau Mata embodies divine love and is the epitome of selfless service. The Indian-origin or regional cow contains the Suryaketu Nadi in the hump on its back; our ancient scriptures say that through this Nadi the cow receives auspicious & beneficial rays from heavenly constellations. During sunrise, these rays, flowing from the hump, enter our ethereal body. Therefore, if one serves the cow in the morning, one will lead a peaceful & harmonious life. The Suryaketu Nadi absorbs ‘harmful radiations’ in the atmosphere and thereby cleanses it.