Chronic Ailments and Pain Management

Personalised according to one’s specific ailment root cause, a transformative retreat has been designed to help balance doshas, promote well-being by healing various kinds of chronic disease and managing pain which becomes prominent over the period of time.

Pain Management

Managing pain efficiently, is the prime focus of the treatment centre at Abhyas School of Yoga. The Combination of Ayurveda and Yoga work magically. We diagnose and reach the root cause of the pain before deciding the course of treatment which is done by a panel of Ayurvedic and Yoga experts.

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Chronic disease management

To achieve sustainable results, the treatment of chronic ailments focuses on addressing the underlying causes of the condition. At Abhyas School of Yoga, experts customise holistic programs that aim to restore mind-body harmony and balance. These programs are designed with a long-term management approach, supported by ongoing consultation and guidance from wellness experts.

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Golden Age Care

Golden Age Care is an intensive care program for people in their golden years. In this program we provide the Ayurvedic and natural approach to heal various kinds of musculoskeletal pain which becomes prominent at this age. Personalised treatments with regular doctor-consultation gives effective results and provides a homely experience with serene ambience.

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Reboot Program (Samudbhav)

At Abhyas School of Yoga, you will experience first -hand the value of the Ayurvedic & Yogic sciences whilst getting a much deeper understanding of what constitutes the essence of your being. These ancient practices, specifically designed for your constitution, will be employed and will be further tailored to your exact needs.

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